Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flip Through! [Waiting For Fame]

What's up everyone! You are in for a real treat. Consider this your early birthday present, holiday, whatever. But this book really is dedicated to @deathbecomesus . His birthday was on November. 1 and I decided to make him a novel. There were some funny debate about what kind of book I should give him but we both agreed on.

I am proud to present the release of "Waiting for Fame," now available on


It was the fantasy life; money, cars, jewels, fame and fortune. That was the life style Vera always envisioned. It was the damn shame reality got in the way. Stupid, stupid poverty threw her one way course sideways.

Then again-we do go to great lengths only to fail.

Not going to happen again. Vera had devised a full proof plan to make sure that rejected life style became her new reality. Too bad some things just don’t go how we intended them to be…

Only this time failure isn’t an option and Vera will do anything to never have to make that choice… And anything means everything.

There’s more than one way to get what you want.

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