Sex Scene

Waiting For Fame [Girl x Girl]

Chapter Seven

            The door knob was frantically open while her tongue drowned inside me. I tasted a hint of mint, having me beg for more.  Her hands dragged me deeper and deeper into the embrace. She pushed into the doorway of her room, pulling me onto the bed. That was the only time we parted for air. My heels were kicked off; it was now easier to wrap my legs around her. She was in the process of taking off her clothes. Each layer peeled off revealing her gorgeous body. The black lace wired bra did her no justice. She looked better with it off. She took her time, touching the side of my face in an eager manner. I wanted her to hurry and take off that bra. It was getting in my way. Her face leaned in towards my ear giving it a soft lick. Lips parted, I gave a soft gasp.
            The feeling was amazing thought it only just started. She toyed with me. Her fingers traced the edges of my face once more, slowly. She reached the hem of my fish-net shirt pulling it off. A chilling sensation struck my abdominal. I was excited with anticipation. Next was my skirt. I was left in nothing more than a white lace bra with a pair of panties to match. I had the urge to touch her in ways I would never touch another person. The wild side of me kicked in as I unhooked the bra with no effort. They bounced in glee. I did what was only natural.
            My tongue lapped over her hard, erect nipples. They were sweet and smooth. My hands pulled her forward, her body pressing closer to my own. I could hear her moan softly at first. The volume increased when I started to suck. She was mine to control. Always had been. My left hand caressed over to her left breast. These fingers had a mind of their own. They teased her nipple, tugging and twisting; not in the least bit painful. She showed her pleasure with her head leaning back, holding in her moan. She grabbed a fist full of my hair, shoving me harder to her naked breasts. My own nipples were becoming hard. I was enjoying every moment of this.
I was pushed down. The soft covers gracing me with their touch. Her hands were skilled and my bra was instantly off. I was shocked to see yet pleased at how quickly Jace took control. I was equally shocked at how I enjoyed being under her control. Both of Jace’s hands grabbed my breasts, twisting the nipples. I was breathing heavier now and amazed at the effect she can have on me. Her lips parted, capturing me in her sinful ways. She guided my hands down her body towards her panty line. I grabbed the fabric ripping it without much struggle. I could feel the wet sticky juice flowing craving my touch. She released me from her grasp. Her legs were sprawled open, inviting me for a taste. I shoved two fingers in first, beaming at how tight she was. I went in deep, twirling my fingers, letting the juices drown my hand. I pulled out quickly tasting the sweet, sticky cum. Jace was delicious and I wanted more. I was about to go in for another serving when she grabbed my own panty fabric and stripping me naked.
She rubbed my clit with two fingers first before leaning her face in and blowing hot air into me. It was enough for me to moan in ecstasy. Her tongue invaded me, licking off the lovely juices. I pushed her deeper inside me, wishing she never stopped. Jace jumped off and grabbed my waist. Her pussy rubbed mine roughly while her breast bounced up and down. My legs grabbed closer to her. I felt her hot breath and her sweaty body collide with my own. Both of us were breathing heavily yet neither one of us were willing to stop. It was my turn now. I pushed forward, with her under me. There was a wild look in her eye, one of excitement. She wanted this just as much as I did, maybe more. I pulled her legs open wide. One hand pulled open her lips. My tongue licked her again, this time quicker. Jace screamed my name from pleasure, gasping from my touch. She was rubbing her own breast and pinching her nipples. Weariness got the best of Jace as she collapsed on top of me. I felt her heart pounded viciously. Meaning it was a night well spent. It ended with one last kiss that had me dying. 

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