Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flip Through! [Checkmate]



It was a bargain deal. Who could refuse? All it took was a signature on the dotted line of the contract. All that was needed was one soul.

Mischa has devoted all her time to accomplish one thing: to kill the very man who has made her suffer. He has stolen her body, possessed her mind and tainted her memories. He has destroyed her own reason for existing. Because of Matvey Calix, she is dead.

Now Mishca is out for revenge.

From here on out...playtime has a new meaning. The only rule is patience, but every game has it's cheaters. What fun would it be without them?

Let the games begin....


Here you go everyone, the first few pages of my novel Checkmate can be found on; just take a look.

Updates on this novel aren't quiet scheduled but in time there will be more to read. I will be updating the status on this project every so often so come by here to have a look.

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