Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Sins of The Son" [New]

Not much of a difference from the last cover. Just a new title position and a new username. 


The dollar will tell you how far you can go...

In this power hungry world there are three types of people: those who have power, those who seek it and those who have none. It’s a world where man can have everything and nothing. The hard part comes in when those who are fortunate to have that influence are faced something called "complications." It's not easy handling that superiority over people especially when they want what you have. Even with the rules, guidelines, strict order and severe punishments; when fame, money, are power are tied into’s a lifestyle everyone is willing to gamble. Corruption is a sin everyone has tasted. 

The Mafia is no different. 

The Ferrari Family is at the peak of its reign. Over fifty years the Family prospered and the current Don intends to keep it that way. Crime is where the profit is at and the revenue just piles high. Yet even with that strong hold of dominance all good things come to an end. Betrayal steps forth resurfacing past grudges and old vengeances become new. Family has lost its own meaning. The Ferrari Family is slowing crumbling. 

Then there is the Don’s son, Nicholas “Nico” Ferrari who has some “complications” of his own. Hugo Ferrari, Nico’s oldest brother has left the Family business with his whereabouts concealed.  Secrecy, gossip and letters, doubts plague trust. Family friends are becoming less and less like what they seem and when enemies are scheming murders, there is no life after death. 

Nico is at his wits end searching for Hugo. But when his hunt turns out to be the brawl to save his Family…he has a hard time grasping who his Family is. Nico discovers the grime of the “Family Business”, Hugo’s sudden departure and why the business is not a game.  

Owning New York one dollar bill at a time… happens to be a debt.

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