Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flip Through! [Sins of The Son]

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"If you forget everything else just remember this son. If nothing else matters to you, nothing that holds your interest or if all else fails, just remember what I tell you now." My Father told me in that deep, stern voice of his. It was a voice that spoke of power and authority; one that stopped everyone in their tracks. A voice I admire above all others. I was hung on his every word, every sentence, and every syllable. 

"Don't discriminate money.” He told me. I wasn’t so sure what he meant nor about whole this money business but I didn’t dare question him. “Money only ever comes in one color.” There was a slight pause. He allowed me to absorb it all in. “If you can accept that, life will only get easier. Remember only this and you will be more than fine."

That was my very first lesson that my Father taught me and one that stuck to me every since. It was that very message that begun my journey to owning all of New York, one dollar bill at a time.

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